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Payment methods :

  1. Cash on delivery . If you choose cash on delivery as a method of payment, you are charged an additional 2 euros and the payment is made upon receipt of the parcel at the distributor of the courier agency.

  2. By credit or debit card . Entering the safe environment of the National Bank, enter the card details in order to complete the transaction.

  3. With PayPal . Enter your PayPal account to complete the transaction.

  4. By direct deposit in a bank account . Deposit the money in one of the following bank accounts and as soon as the bank completes the transfer we in turn will send you the product. Deposit bank accounts:

    • Bank: Eurobank

    • IBAN: GR2502602470000570201636864

    • Bank: National Bank

    • IBAN: GR4501102260000022600787604


Shipping costs:

-For purchases over 100 € shipping is free (except pit balls which have 10 euros shipping cost )

-For purchases over € 100 free of charge and cash on delivery

-The products are shipped within 2-5 days because they are handmade and manufactured after the order is placed

-the cost of transport is calculated before the completion of the purchase at the checkout.

Our cooperating courier companies are Speedex and Elta Courier Door-to-Door.

There is always the possibility of receiving the product from our store.

In case there is a problem with our site with the completion of your order, please call us at 2610333337 in order to complete your order by phone. If you want more immediate delivery of your order for some special reason please let us know and we will do our best to serve you as soon as we can.

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